12 actors who refused to star in sequels of successful movies.

When a movie achieves success, it’s natural for producers to immediately start planning its sequel. Audiences also eagerly anticipate seeing more adventures of their beloved characters. However, reaching an agreement with the actors is not always easy, and it’s not just about the money. For many actors and actresses, it is genuinely important to maintain the dignity of their characters and not create a sequel that would be worse than the first. Practice shows that often such refusals turn out to be the right decision.

Jim Carrey refused to star in the sequel to «The Mask.»

After the second Ace Ventura film, Jim realized that he wasn’t interested in playing the same character twice,
so he declined to participate in «The Mask 2.» He also declined the second part of the film «Bruce Almighty» for the same reason.

Keanu Reeves refused to film «Speed 2.»

After the staggering success of the first film, the producers decided to make a sequel.
Sandra Bullock agreed, but Reeves didn’t find the script interesting and turned down even a $12 million fee.
By the way, the film turned out to be a failure indeed.

Bill Murray refused to film the third installment of «Ghostbusters.»

The script seemed too strange and crazy to the actor. Nevertheless, he made a cameo appearance in the female version of the film in 2016, voiced his character in a video game, and appeared in the 2021 film.

Linda Hamilton declined to film the third installment of «Terminator.»

Linda considered her character’s story complete, especially considering that the new script was more focused on her on-screen son, and the actress may not have wanted to play a supporting role.

Vin Diesel didn’t want to star in the sequel to «The Fast and the Furious.»

He was offered $25 million, but he didn’t like the script, which had no connection to the first film.
Vin returned only in the fourth installment on the condition that he becomes one of the producers and can make changes to the script.

Jodie Foster declined to reprise her role in a Hannibal film.

She was offered $20 million to participate in the film «Hannibal» as a continuation of «The Silence of the Lambs.»
However, the first film seemed too brutal to Jodie, so she was replaced by Julianne Moore.

Tom Hanks refused to film the sequel to «Forrest Gump.»

Although this film became iconic and life-changing for Hanks, a year after its release, a sequel novel about Gump’s life, written by Winston Groom, was published. However, the actor didn’t see the point in making a sequel. The character’s story had been logically concluded. Tom mentioned that they discussed a second part, but no one could find convincing enough reasons to create it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to star in the sequel to «Predator.»

Firstly, the actor didn’t like the script, especially that the events took place not in the jungle but in the city.
Secondly, he wanted more screen time and money. It is said that Arnie was also unimpressed with director Stephen Hopkins.

Rachel Weisz declined to appear in «The Mummy 3».

The filming took place in China, and she would have had to be away for several months, but Rachel had a newborn son,
so she decided not to sacrifice time with him.

Bruce Willis did not appear in the sequel to «The Expendables.»

He was offered $3 million for the role of Church in the third installment of the film, with only four shooting days planned.
However, it is said that Bruce asked for $4 million, which the studio didn’t agree to, and the actor also refused to make concessions.

Katie Holmes declined to appear in the sequel to «Batman.»

It is said that Katie chose the comedy «Mad Money,» in which she starred at the same time.
Maggie Gyllenhaal took over her role in «The Dark Knight.»

Will Ferrell declined to reprise his role as an elf.

The actor didn’t want to tarnish the original character and even turned down a $29 million fee.
The film «Elf» never received a sequel with his involvement.

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