12 famous beauties who also have their own insecurities

It doesn’t matter that these women are considered beauties worldwide,
and it doesn’t matter that they are often included in lists of the most attractive. Ultimately,
if a woman doesn’t like something about herself, no one can convince her otherwise.
Moreover, some of them face additional complexes, which put even more pressure on them.
Some of these famous women have overcome their complexes, while others are still struggling with them,
and it becomes even more challenging when spotlights and cameras are constantly directed at them.

Julia Roberts

Always felt self-conscious about her clumsiness and big mouth.
However, she managed to overcome her complexes by participating in beauty contests and stepping onto the theater stage.
However, even now, she still sees herself as a «scary skinny woman with bags under her eyes» when she looks in the mirror.

Scarlett Johansson

Doesn’t understand why she is considered such a beauty.
She sees herself as an ordinary woman with an ordinary body, not liking her hips, stomach, short legs, and chubby face.
She believes that the perception of beauty depends on mood and that flaws can always be found.

Penelope Cruz

Feels self-conscious about her thinness, especially when padding is used on set to create volume.
She admits that she would like to have fuller buttocks but accepts herself as she is.

Natalie Portman

Has complexes about the mole on her cheek and tries to hide it under her hair whenever possible.

Sandra Bullock

Feels self-conscious about her laughter and, in general, does not consider herself a beauty.
She admits that she cannot call herself beautiful, and her laughter sounds like snoring or hyena growls.

Uma Thurman

Previously had complexes about her perceived unattractive smile.
In school, she was even subjected to ridicule, which made her reluctant to smile.
However, over time, her self-perception changed.

Victoria Beckham

Also dislikes her smile and rarely smiles in public.
In her youth, she had numerous complexes, and although she may not have as many now,
she acknowledges that her figure has changed after giving birth to four children.

Jennifer Lawrence

Suffered from complexes about her supposed excess weight.
Directors showed her photoshopped versions of her pictures to illustrate how she «should» look, which caused her additional complexes.

Jennifer Lopez

Would like to have smaller buttocks. What many women dream of, she considers her flaw.
She sees her figure as slightly disproportionate due to a «massive bottom» and «narrow top.»

Selena Gomez

Feels self-conscious about her ears and tries to hide them with her hair.
The shape of her ears makes her uncomfortable.

Jessica Alba

Worries about her body after childbirth.
She admits to being concerned about stretch marks, cellulite, and changes in breast shape.

Paris Hilton

Complexes about her large shoe size — 41 (with a height of 173 cm).
Despite all her wealth, it’s the one thing she can’t change in her life.

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